10 Wicked Content Ideas for Your Estate Agency

While most people agree that a business website should have a blog that offers insight into your company and what you do, a lot of people struggle to come up with content ideas. Not everyone thinks that the estate agency industry is a thrilling one, but you’d be surprised at how many great topics you can talk about, which are relevant to your company and of interest to your audience.

At Agent Blogs, we’ve helped many estate agents develop fantastic content that delivers results and if you’re looking to get started, here are 10 wicked content ideas for your estate agency. All of these topics will go down well on social media and will hopefully see your audience share or comment, which will bring your estate agency to the attention of even more people.

Offer insight into local property prices, values and rental yields

This is a very obvious topic but it is one that of great importance and interest to people looking at property in an area. Providing this information not only offers information that potential clients want to know, it helps to position your estate agency as a local expert.

Provide information about the property market and the mortgage industry

You want to be seen as a trusted source in the estate agency industry and a great way to achieve this is to provide information about the property market and the mortgage industry. If you offer this information on a regular basis (and engage with these topics on social media), you will be seen as an expert in the field and an estate agency that can be trusted.

Focus on the local area with news stories or interesting facts

It is vital that you are seen as a company with strong local roots and who has a passion for the local community. Talking about the local area, sharing news stories, facts and information is a good way to offer this content that positions you as an expert. You’ll also find that this is the style of content that gets shared most frequently on social media, so it is always worth creating.

Talk about your personal experiences as an estate agent

People like to deal with people and you’ll find that showing a personal side to your business will help people to connect with you. Talking about experiences as an estate agent helps you to show a personal side but it also indicates why you are an estate agent that can be trusted in your local area.

Create image and video content for blogs and let the visual aspect do your talking

Many people think that blog content has to be written but this isn’t the case. With your smartphone giving you a camera for images and video, why not look at the house you have on the market or the local area. You should be able to create some great content in a short period of time and you may find that your audience loves this sort of post, which means they’ll share it and come back for more on a regular basis.

Interview a member of staff about their work and interests

A good topic for a blog is to speak to staff members and ask them questions about their role and the work that they do. This helps to create a more personal image for your business but you’ll also find that it can help shape your image and brand. If you want to be seen as a fun and relaxed company, ask questions that have a humorous edge. If you want to be seen as a serious and formal option, ask questions that are professional in tone.

Offer tips on how to improve a home or stage it for selling/letting

You can showcase your knowledge of properties and what people are looking for by offering tips on how to present a home or maintain it in good condition. This is an evergreen topic that is always of interest and it is good to have a few pages like this on your website or blog.

Provide advice on what new buyers/tenants need to know before moving in

You’ll find that people are always looking for guidance or advice when making a move in the property market and you are in a position to tell people what they need to know. If you show people that you can help them move forward with confidence, they’ll be more likely to trust you, which can only be seen as a positive thing for your business.

Set up a Q&A page where people can leave questions you will answer

If you are genuinely struggling with what to write next, take the easy way out and ask people what they want to read. This approach gives you easy content ideas but it also means you provide a service to your audience, which can only be of benefit to your estate agency.

Provide reviews or opinions on local stores

Another way to be seen as a reliable source in the local community is to talk about local firms and offer tips and recommendations on which firm provides great service or products. You should aim to be as positive as possible and of course, you should share these reviews or blogs on social media, including the company you review.

You may find that they are happy to share the post with their followers and this will place your content in front of new and relevant people.

The right content can shine a light on your Estate Agency and make sure you are seen as the ideal choice in the local area, so make sure you follow these content ideas to get you started.

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