How Social Media Marketing Can Help Your Estate Agency Generate Relationships & Win New Business

As the name suggests, there is a “social” aspect to social media and this is why it is the ideal platform to generate relationships. A relationship is about two parties coming together and being able to talk, engage and have a conversation is the starting point in developing a relationship. You’ll also find that most people agree that a good relationship is built on trust and social media is the ideal platform to provide proof of why people should trust you.

At Agent Media UK, we have worked with many estate agents to develop a social media presence that attracts attention but more importantly, we help estate agents run their social media accounts in such a manner that they develop relationships with their audience while proving that they are the local professionals to trust.

Social media is about the conversation and listening, not just talking

The most important aspect of social media is that it is about a two way conversation and just as in real life, listening is more important than speaking. Traditional marketing and advertising features companies talking to your audience. Social media marketing is about the conversation and this provides greater insight and benefits to a company.

Firms spend huge sums of money to find out what customers and clients think about them but social media provides you with the chance to find this information for free. When you listen to your clients and act upon their feedback, you show that you listen; you show that people’s opinions are valued and you give people what they want. These are hugely important factors in developing a relationship and you’ll find that a strong social media presence boosts your business.

Social media posts can showcase your brand and image

Your brand image and identity are crucial, which makes the use of social media a tool that is essential to your business. This is because you can shape your brand and image on social media, making you seem like the estate agent people want to do business with. Whether you want to be seen as the formal and serious option, the relaxed and laid back company or even the estate agent that pulls out all the stops to have a local presence, you can create this identity on social media.

Having a brand is good because when you are instantly associated with something in a positive light, people are more likely to recommend you or choose you over another estate agent.

Social media engagement provides proof of what you do and testimonials/feedback

In the present day, it is so easy to be dismissive of the claims made by companies and estate agents. People are looking for proof and the social media environment is the best platform to provide proof to your audience that you can be trusted to achieve results and help people out.

You can share your own success stories but you’ll find the most effective way to show your success is through feedback and testimonials from clients. People are happy to share opinions on social media and this means you can offer proof to potential clients who are interested in what you have to offer. The word of a satisfied customer, who can be verified as a genuine person, is worth much more than any marketing platitude you provide yourself.

You can answer questions on social media

Given that social media is about the conversation, you should encourage people to ask you questions. When you answer them, you position yourself as an expert in the field, you gain insight into what your customers are looking for and of course, the customer who has received an answer from you will think of you in a more positive manner.

Social media marketing is different from traditional marketing and it is important that you utilise its full potential. This is because when used correctly, social media marketing will stand out your estate agency as the obvious choice in your local area.

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