Why Having a Separate Local Property Website for Your Estate Agency Will Attract More Property Instructions

When it comes to being seen as the ideal estate agent for a client, there is a great deal to be said for offering a specialist and niche service. This can be achieved in many ways but you’ll find that focusing on a local area will help your be seen as the estate agent that people want to instruct.

Our work with Agent Blogs has seen us work with many estate agents across the country and virtually all of them have benefitted by placing a greater level of focus and attention on to their local market. You should always want to display your skills and experience but doing so with respect to the local area will help you convince clients that you are the firm that will help them achieve their property dreams.

A local focus is great for SEO

You’ll find one of the most important reasons to set up a local property website is to benefit with respect to SEO. SEO, or search engine optimisation, helps you to be found on search engines by people looking for the services you offer in the area you operate in. A local URL with a comprehensive focus on local areas sends out the right signals to the leading search engines like Google, which means they are more likely to rank you highly when people want to find a local estate agent.

Having a local focus allows you to expand on your knowledge and relevancy

While appealing to the leading search engines is of benefit, you need to make sure that you also appeal to people. Whether this is people looking to buy property in your area or people who are already in your area who are looking to sell or move, you need to offer content that is focused and relevant.

Having a separate website is the ideal way to showcase this knowledge. It is important to be seen as the professional company that understands the local area and community, and having a specialist site is the best way of achieving this.

Your local focus makes it easier to target the right people on social media

While your website is a standalone thing in its own right, it should also be part of your overall marketing activities. Your estate agency should have a social media presence but many estate agents worry about the sort of content that they should share on Twitter or Facebook. When you have a local site with great local content, you will always have sites and pages you can share, which will help you engage your audience on social media.

Over time, your social media accounts and your website should provide support and assistance to each other, which can help you provide the best standard of service to your audience.

You can create relationships with local firms and people

Not only is this style of site of interest to people looking to buy, sell or let in the local area, it is likely to contain information that is of interest to local residents with no intention of moving or local businesses. In fact, you can see that this style of report will have information that is pertinent to everyone in your area.

This is important because you can develop a reputation and image that local people trust. This may not lead to an instruction today, tomorrow or anytime in the near future, but when you are viewed as the local estate agent that can be relied on, you will receive instructions in the future.

This may come from people who have seen your site and like what you offer or through a recommendation that has been made by someone who likes your website. It can be tempting to always focus on the short term when it comes to meeting client needs and expectations, but in the property market, there are benefits from taking an approach that provides short and long term benefits. Offering a comprehensive local website will benefit you in the short and long term because it will position you as a respected Estate Agency in your local area.

In the estate agency sector, it is always of benefit to be seen as a local expert and having a specialist website, focusing on the local area, will ensure that you are the agency people trust.

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