5 Awesome Infographic Ideas To Help Win New Instructions For Your Estate Agency

When you don’t have a lot of time to grab people’s attention, you need to make sure that you grab attention immediately, and for the right reasons. On social media, on your website and on traditional print mediums, infographics are the ideal way to get your message across.

Many estate agents have called on Agent Design to create snappy and to the point infographics that appeal to their audience and which paints their estate agency in the right light. We know that some of our clients worry about what information to provide in an infographic but we believe these 5 awesome infographic ideas will help win new instructions for your estate agency.

Local house prices, values and rental yields

When it comes to important information about the property market, figures like average house prices, average values and the expected rental yield for an area are of great interest to your audience. This is information that can be shared quickly, easily and effectively in an infographic, so you don’t just have to provide this information in a traditional text format.

In fact, when you are looking to make the best impact in the shortest period of time, this is exactly the information an estate agency should provide to its audience in an infographic.

Demographics of the local community

You want to be seen as an expert in the local area, so prove this by offering relevant information and insight into the local community. There is a lot of information about the demographics of a local area and again, with percentages or numbers, this can be presented quickly and effectively in an infographic.

One key benefit of providing demographic information is that it shows you know who lives in the area which means you know what type of people are looking to buy property in the area. This is the information that helps to sell houses, so you will be positioning yourself as the ideal agent for this style of work with this style of infographic.

Breakdown the local property types and provide insight onto the people that live there

Another way to show that you know a lot about the local property market is to showcase the different types of properties (such as flat, terraced property, semi-detached and detached), the different sizes of properties (studio apartment, one bedroom, two bedroom and so on) and you can then break that down further by showcasing how many people live in these properties.

This is interesting insight into an area but it also shows that you know what the local area has to offer and what people are looking for which type of property. Given that your role is often to bring the right people together with the right property, this is an excellent idea for an infographic as it shows you have the knowledge that people will benefit from.

A focus on local facilities such as transport, shops, bars/cafes

You shouldn’t solely focus on property or the people looking to buy a home. You’ll find that showing what a local area has to offer with respect to travel options or shopping will grab attention. If your local area is well regarded as a commuter town or city, create an infographic detailing how short or long the journey is to other major hubs. If you have a lively nightlife or social scene in your area, create an infographic detailing the number of bars or the different types of cuisine on offer.

A spotlight on local events or activities

Another idea for an infographic for a local area is showcasing what activities people can get involved with or what sort of events are on offer. You can showcase how many live acts can be found in a month in your area or perhaps detail the different sports teams or societies that locals can join. You want to make sure that people know your area is one where they can be active and enjoy themselves outside of the home and a snappy infographic is the ideal way to achieve this.

Hopefully these infographic ideas will get you started but you’ll find that any sort of relevant information that can be presented in a short and eye-catching manner is of interest to people.

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