Importance of Providing Local Comprehensive Property Reports for Your Estate Agency

When it comes to being an estate agent, you want to provide value in everything you do. This is actually the case for all businesses but when you consider the sums of money involved in the property market and the importance of a transaction, you need to make sure that your provide your audience with every reason to feel confident and happy about what you offer.

There are many ways that you can position yourself as the estate agency that people trust but offering a local comprehensive property report is a very sensible step. At Agent Reports, we have worked closely with a number of estate agents in developing and delivering reports, and they’ve helped all of these firms to achieve success in their local area.

Local information is vital

One of the most important things people are looking for in the estate agency industry is local information. People looking to move into an area, by buying or renting, want to find out as much as they can about a local area. People looking to sell or let want to know as much as they can about the area so they can inform potential buyers or tenants.

This means everyone is looking for someone who can provide this information to them in a readable and understandable format. People like to save time and by offering them relevant and pertinent information immediately, you save people time and they will like what you have to offer.

You will position yourself as the local expert

Given that local knowledge is so important, people want to work with a local expert. What better way of positioning yourself as the local expert in your area than providing a tangible guide to your knowledge and expertise. Yes the report will save people time in their studying of a local area but it will also give them confidence that you are the specialist that can deal with any other issues or who can answer questions when they arise.

Creating comprehensive local reports will see you positioned as the local expert in your area, and this can only be good for business for an estate agent.

People want to make an informed decision so provide them with information

Given that property transactions are the biggest deals people will make in their life, it is understandable that people want to be as fully informed as possible. This means the estate agent who provides as much information as possible will be seen as a trusted source, and this is where your guide is of great benefit.

As an estate agent, you want people to feel confident about making decisions and providing this style of report will offer confidence in what you do and in the actual decision that people will make.

This is information that can be used time and time again so you’ll work efficiently

All companies, not just estate agents, should be looking to work smarter, not harder, and the information compiled for local reports can help you to achieve this aim. You will likely have more than one property in a particular area which means that the information contained in the local reports can be used for various properties in your portfolio. This should allow you to provide a great standard of service to every client who calls on you without having to undertake the same work every single time.

If you are busy, which hopefully you will be, this can save you a considerable amount of time and just as importantly, it achieves this without compromising on quality.

This style of report can be used to generate leads

Comprehensive local reports aren’t just for current clients who have an interest in a particular property, they can be used to generate leads and bring clients to you. You can offer these reports in exchange for an email address or contact details, which then mean you have the start of a relationship with a client.

You’ll also find that a well-produced report isn’t just a promotion for the local area, it is promotion for your business so not only do you have the contact details for a potential client, you have just provided them with a guide which indicates that you are the local estate agent they can trust.

The local market is essential for estate agents and you need to be seen as the local option that can be trusted. This is why offering local comprehensive reports can go a long way when it comes to making sure you are the estate agent people trust.

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