Become a Pro at Video with our Agent Video training courses

In the property and lettings market, people want confidence and assurance from their agents. There are many ways people can feel confident about their choice of agent. They can look for firms being members of trade bodies and they can enquire about the experience and qualifications of individual agents. An estate agent firm that meets this criterion will find itself in demand, and there are ways that estate agents can improve the standard of their employees, deliver training and offer proof to clients that their employees can provide the service people require.

Training is also important for developing new skills and offering new services or features to your audience. While there have been many changes in the property and rental market of late, the emergence of the internet and digital mediums have changed the way estate agents operate. To this end, video content is essential, and if you can’t deliver quality video content to your audience, you will struggle to gain instructions and be recognised as a reliable firm.

Become a pro at video and win more instructions

At Agent Video, we are pleased to offer training courses that will ensure you or your team members will become a pro with video.

Training is important because:

  • It ensures all team members have the skills and knowledge to do their job
  • Training provides employees with confidence in what they are doing
  • Having trained employees provides a better standard of service to clients and customers
  • Studies indicate trained employees are likely to be more content, boosting productivity and staff retention

Knowing that training is essential, it is important for estate agents and letting agents find the most effective training course for their needs. Every firm is different, but the benefits of video training make this a suitable option for most agents.

Video training is the ideal solution for many reasons

Video is the ideal platform for learning and staff training. Hiring a professional to offer one to one or even one to many training can be costly, and it is often inconvenient. Whether you bring a professional to your premises or you must send your team to a training centre or centralised location, it needs to be organised, your normal routine will be disrupted and not everyone likes to learn in this manner.

Therefore, you can never be sure what return and benefits you will receive with one to one or one to many training. Video training courses provide great benefits, including:

  • Staff members can watch the video in their own time or at allocated times when their schedule allows
  • There is no need for staff members to miss work or alter their diary to take the training
  • Video training can be paused and rewound/replayed making sure everyone can understand what is on offer
  • Employees who are absent from work and who would have missed a specific training day don’t miss out
  • Video training courses are cost effective

At Agent Video, we understand the power and importance of video. Therefore, we use video training to deliver training that ensures you and your team become experts on video. If you want to engage your audience in the best manner, video content is vital, and Agent Video is here to help you.

Thanks for reading.

Ian Watson


Agent Video