Video Ideas for your Estate & Letting Agency

You know that video content is essential for your estate and letting agency, but you don’t know what to record. This is a very common problem for property professionals and given that you will likely be very busy with your core tasks, you may not have a lot of time to conjure up ideas that will help you create videos that connect with your audience.

We can help you develop video ideas for your estate and letting agency

At Agent Video, we are proud to say that we have helped many estate and letting agents create video content, and we know what your audience is looking for. This means we can provide you with video ideas for your estate and letting agency. The following examples may give you a start in creating video content that ensures your business prospers.

Showcase your team with videos

People like to know the professionals they are working with. Estate and letting agents will often develop a working relationship with their clients, and this means that people want to know a bit more about the people they must rely on. There is also a lot to be said for the camaraderie shown by a team, so showcasing your team provides insight into the people working at your agency.

There is also a chance for teams to showcase their experience, their expertise and their past triumphs, all of which can help gain instructions.

Place the spotlight on individual team members

Showcasing the team is a sensible idea and video content can shine a light on individual members of staff. This is a fantastic way to allow your audience to get to know team members, to find out the experience and expertise held by members and it showcases why you are the company who people can trust and rely on.

Share testimonials from previous clients

In the social media age, testimonials are essential. People want proof that you can deliver what you say you can, and video content is likely to be the best standard of proof you can offer your audience. Asking existing clients to speak for a minute on camera about how happy they are with your services will make a massive difference in persuading prospective clients to use your services.

Offer house price updates

You need to show that you are fully informed about the market and that you are up to date with the latest details and prices. Video content can be made quickly and cheaply, allowing you to share up to date information with a minimum of fuss and effort. Sharing house price updates provides relevant information to your audience and it indicates you are a company that can be relied upon in the industry.

Offer rental yield updates

Like the reasoning behind offering the latest house prices, creating video content of a team member running through the latest rental yields for your area is a great idea for making videos. Not only does this provide useful information to your audience, it is the sort of content that is likely to be shared on social media, helping you to raise awareness of what you offer.

Offer updates about local area

The local area is as important as the property when it comes to sales or letting. Therefore, if you use video content to showcase the local area, you increase the chances of making prospective buyers or tenants feel confident about moving to the area. You also make prospective vendors or tenants more confident about choosing you, because it shows you have

Compare roads or local areas

Articles where you compare roads or areas are popular for estate agents, so you can imagine that video clips where you show footage of these areas will be even more popular. Video footage allows people to get a feel for what a road or area has to offer, and it can make finding a home for a viewing or feeling comfortable in a new place easier.

Carry out interviews with local solicitors or mortgage brokers

While estate agents and letting agents provide important services for their clients, they cannot provide all the help and support a client needs. You can direct your clients to professionals that you trust and showing videos of the professionals you trust is a great way to make the overall process easier for clients.

Interviewing relevant local professionals provides an interesting service for clients and it will hopefully help your firm develop a relationship with other firms, allowing you to tap into their audience.

Showcase local companies

It is also worthwhile highlighting the services provided by firms you trust and like in your local area. This will confirm that you have a genuine local presence and interest in your area, which can only be of benefit when it comes to being viewed as a local estate agent that people trust.

Equally, if you shine a light on local firms, they will share this content, and this can help you develop your audience. There is also a greater likelihood.

Promote properties you have for sale or rent

When you are looking for ideas when it comes to video content, don’t overlook the most obvious example. Create video footage of the property you are trying to rent or sell. A video walkthrough is a brilliant tactic to have at your disposal in promoting homes, and it will also make your firm more appealing to vendors and landlords, so there are many benefits to gain from this strategy.

Run a video competition

Competitions are very popular on social media, so it makes sense that running a competition via video will be just as useful for your firm. If you are looking to fully utilise the power of video, consider making the entries based on video. Asking entrants to film themselves at your store, by an advertisement for your company or at a local landmark while saying something positive about your company is a wonderful way to encourage user generated content.

This acts as a validation for your firm, this content is more likely to be shared and you will be able to use this content later for your own promotions.

Use Facebook Live

Live video content on social media is becoming extremely popular and Facebook is looking to promote live video content as much as they can. This means they have tweaked their own algorithms to give live video content more importance on timelines, so you can reach a lot more people.

Live video content is a wonderful way to introduce yourself, it’s a chance to share breaking news and it can be a less formal way to talk about the market or local properties. With this style of footage, make sure you have rehearsed what you are going to say but equally, don’t worry about it being pitch perfect; your audience understands that live footage isn’t always going to be spot on.

Run a Facebook Live competition

Following on from the importance of Facebook Live, use this medium to run a competition. If you trail a live video competition for a set time and date, you will increase the number of people who tune in because they will know that they need to be watching to win. This bumps up the number of views, which sends out a positive signal to Facebook and their algorithms will likely help you appear in more timelines.

People love competitions and given that you can create long term benefits with this style of content, it provides a few benefits that estate agents and letting agencies can benefit from.

All these ideas should provide you with a starting point for making videos and all these ideas are of benefit and interest to your audience. No matter what message you share with video content, it is best to deliver content that is relevant to your audience, which is informative to them and which will help position you as a firm that can be relied on.

If you’re looking to be the number one choice in your area when it comes to estate and letting agencies, come and speak with Agent Video. We’re know what your audience needs, and we know how you can connect in the most effective manner, so get in touch.

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