What defines a great estate agent?

For most people buying or selling a property isn’t a straightforward transaction and I don’t mean practically but emotionally. It is by definition life-changing.

As decisions go, buying and selling your home is a BIG one and along with every other big decision that we end up making in our lifetimes there will inevitably will be periods of deep reflection as well as periods of doubt; Am I doing the right thing? Is now the right time? What if? What if…..

A good agent will know that it is these human emotions that sit at the heart of the property industry. A great estate agent however will actively go looking for these emotions and will subtly guide their clients from uncertain to certain.

Why then do lots of today’s marketing campaigns have us believe that it is all about the numbers; commission, average time on market, price achieved, number of stars on feedback sites, etc…?

Cold statistics have always been the weapon of choice for those larger agents lacking personality, in an attempt to convince their public, their shareholders and sometimes even themselves that they are performing well. Whilst these indices are of course important they do not necessarily define greatness.

There are a lot of confused strategies out there at the moment but I suspect what will eventually emerge will be a two tier industry consisting of the price-driven, automated DIY offerings at one end with the professional, skilled and emotionally connected at the other. With this in mind, you must soon start to decide in which direction you will travel.

Statistics will temporarily bump you up the comparison sites just as sure as cheap fees will buy you market share but neither will make you a great agent unless you understand and connect with your client emotionally. There is an intangible magic to providing great service that has to be earned. It can be difficult for the accountants to quantify but to those that have it, it is the biggest asset they possess.

Carl Brignell is Managing Director of Elite Conveyancing – an ever-growing panel consisting only of qualified and experienced lawyers committed to bringing speed and customer service back to the conveyancing market.  

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