Swish Clean Launches Landlord Through The Lens Program

Swish Clean is pleased to announce their Landlord Through The Lens program, an innovative end-of-tenancy cleaning service aimed at minimising disputes between landlords and outgoing tenants. The company is introducing the service in all 48 counties across the United Kingdom and will see the firm’s cleaning staff wear body-worn cameras while on duty.

Data produced by Tenancy deposit schemes suggest the majority of disputes between landlords and outgoing tenants relate to cleanliness. With the introduction of the Tenant Fees Ban, most landlords would prefer not to become embroiled in a costly and time-consuming debate with tenants regarding the condition of the property.

Swish like to think of the program as Deposit protection dispute prevention.

Swish Clean staff wear body cameras through the duration of their time at the property, from the moment they cross the threshold. The cameras can film for up to eight hours continuously, allowing for even the deepest of cleans to be recorded thoroughly.

Once the cleaning process has concluded, the video footage is uploaded to the company’s servers and is stored for five years. This recorded footage allows agents, landlords and tenants to view the condition of the rental accommodation at the beginning of and throughout the cleaning process.

The company believes this is a much-needed service in a highly competitive and challenging industry. In recent times, there has been a growing awareness about the importance of inventory checks at the start of the rental period. This document provides all parties with a snapshot of the rental property’s condition at the beginning of the tenancy.

The Landlord Through The Lens program aims to offer proper documentation of the end of the tenancy period, hopefully minimising disputes and costly disagreements between landlords and tenants. As the Landlord Through The Lens program comes as standard with the company’s cleaning services, there is no additional charge to landlords or agents.

Swish Clean cleaning services cover every aspect of the end of tenancy cleaning service a landlord requires, including ovens, carpets, windows, stairs and bannisters. This new service is set to make life easier for landlords and will help minimise time, cost and disruption through a business. Landlords cannot be everywhere at once, but with the Landlord Through The Lens scheme, Swish Clean aims to provide landlords with another set of eyes and recorded evidence of the tend of tenancy condition of a rental property.

About Swish Clean:

Swish Clean is a UK-wide cleaning company that aims to clean deeper and provide landlords with more support and confidence. End of tenancy cleaning services are an integral part of the lettings industry, and the firm aims to normalise a new standard of higher service.

Swish Clean has a charter checklist of every cleaning task they undertaken when carrying out an end of tenancy cleaning service. This checklist allows landlords to be confident about the cleaning process, and what is covered with the clean. Every end of tenancy cleaning service includes a free oven clean.

With the introduction of the Landlord Through The Lens service, recording the cleaning process, Swish Clean aims to raise the bar when it comes to cleaning services and support for landlords across the United Kingdom.

Email : sales@swish-clean.co.uk