Prep2Let Keeps Tenants In Rental Property Longer

Swish Property Services is pleased to announce the launch of the Prep2Let program as part of their inventory packages. The inventory check is one of the most crucial factors in creating a successful rental period and minimising disputes between landlords and tenants. However, in focusing on leading aspects, many inventory checks fail to provide the same level of care and attention to minor features in a property, even though these impact on the tenants’ quality of life. The Prep2Let program remedies this and ensures tenants feel content and appreciated.

All landlords and agents have experienced a sense of dread upon receiving a call or an email from a tenant about a problem in the rental property. Whether it is a leaking tap, a broken extractor fan, a stuck door, toilets that don’t flush or any number of problems, if a tenant is unhappy, the issue needs to be resolved quickly.

However, even minor repair jobs can take time and money to resolve them. The landlord or agent needs to contact a plumber or engineer to attend the property and prepare a quote. This then needs to be approved and then a time arranged for the work to be carried out. Before you know it, weeks have passed, and the tenant is exasperated and looking to move on as soon as possible.

All these problems can be resolved quickly by being proactive. So many inventory checks fail to test the elements and aspects most likely to go wrong during a tenancy. Spotting and solving these problems before a tenant moves in makes life so much simpler for landlords and agents, but up until now, this has been a step few letting industry professionals have taken. The introduction of Prep2Let changes this, allowing agents and landlords to offer a better standard of service to tenants.

The company has developed this new program with support from many existing clients, and the initial feedback has been extremely positive. Clients who already arrange inventory checks understand the importance of getting it right, and there is a need for an in-depth and comprehensive report to save time and money in the letting process.

The Prep2Let program is easily explained by comparing it with buying a pre-owned car from an authorised car dealership, and the vehicle undergoing a points test. This test checks all aspects of the vehicle, providing the new owner with confidence in the car they have bought. The Prep2Let checking process systematically reviews all items and appliances that are commonly observed but not tested. It can be easy to overlook the testing of oven hobs or lights, but if these don’t work, tenants are annoyed, and they will question the actual condition of the rental property.

With problems resolved before a tenant moves in, there is a platform for a happier and prolonged relationship between landlord and tenant. All landlords should look to minimise the issues and pain points during a rental period, and Prep2Let ensures everyone is happy with the quality of the rental property.

Anyone looking to contact Swish Property Services about Prep2Let, or any of their services, should click this link to visit their website.

About Swish Property Services:

Swish Property Services was set up by a team of individuals with considerable knowledge of the cleaning industry. The firm draws on this extensive knowledge of property management and cleaning contracting to deliver affordable yet effective cleaning services to the letting industry.

The firm understands the importance of inventory checks and end of tenancy cleaning. Swish Property Services have been at the forefront of creating standards and checklists which create greater consistency at the start and end of a tenancy. With the launch of the Prep2Let service, the company continues to raise the bar in cleaning for landlords and agents.