What Estate Agent Leaflets Must Contain

Even in a digital world, leaflets are a vital tool for estate agents. This content can be used digitally, shared on your website, on social media platforms, via email and anywhere else you can think of online.

However, estate agents leaflets still have a huge impact in the physical world. With digital marketing, you often get caught up in persuading people who are already aware of you, and what you offer. In the offline world, you are more focused on creating awareness and generating traffic to your business.

Leaflets are a great way to reach out, but marketing material of this type isn’t successful by itself merely by existing, it needs to contact the right information. Here are some aspects of what estate agent leaflets must contain.

Do not forget the basics

You might be in such a rush to share an offer or get people contacting you that you forget vital information. At every step of the design and creation process, stop to check you have the basic information every potential client wants to know. You need to include:

  • The name of your firm, and if you are taking a personal approach, your name
  • The address of your business, and your opening hours
  • Your contact information such as phone number and email address
  • Your social media account details, allowing people to engage with you on social media
  • Your logo, and ensure there is consistent branding (including colours) throughout the leaflet
  • Photographs of your team, your store (if applicable) and of the local area
  • A purpose

The last point is sometimes forgotten. If you are only looking to create awareness of your agency, a general or generic leaflet might work, but ideally, if you are providing people with a physical item, you want them to take action.

A call to action is essential with your leaflet

There should be a clear purpose, and this must tie in with a call to action.

You want people to contact you, be it by phone, by email, by social media message or even in person, and you want them to contact you for a reason.

If you are an estate agent looking to connect with homeowners so you can help them sell their home, make sure this information is stated on your leaflet. Not only should you state this, you should offer testimonials as to your success in helping homeowners to sell their home.

If you are an estate agent looking to connect with prospective buyers, state this information. Get people to contact you so they can start or upgrade the property search process.

It is often best to have one service per leaflet, and your call to action should be tailored to this service.

No matter what your services are, there will be one problem that annoys your audience, and you will have a solution which can remove this problem.

Who do you need help from to create these flyers?

Given the potential impact these flyers might have, it is easy to feel overwhelmed about the creation process.

Thankfully, there isn’t that much work involved, and you can get help from:

  • A copywriter who will ensure your message is shared with your audience
  • A graphic designer or ad specialist who will create your ad for you
  • Printers who will print your leaflet for you
  • Distributors who will place your leaflet where it will be seen

As an estate agent, you or someone in your team is likely experienced in bringing words and images together for various online and offline elements. There is nothing to stop you from creating your leaflet. Similarly, if you have a high-quality printer and good quality paper, you can manage the print process for yourself. Lastly, you can distribute the leaflets yourself, or leave at your premises for people to collect.

There is nothing in this process that you cannot do, but just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. If you don’t have the time or skills to complete one, some or all of these tasks in-house properly, you hamper your ability to achieve success with the campaign.

Therefore, you should consider if outsourcing an element, or all, of the work will help you present your estate agents’ business in the best manner.


As an estate agent, you know how crucial it is to generate leads, and leaflets, be they digital or physical items, are still useful in connecting with prospective clients.

While you likely have the skills, materials and equipment to create leaflets in house, is this the best use of your time? Is this likely to achieve the best results?

If you are keen to connect with as many people as possible, while showcasing your business in the best possible light, there is a great deal to be said for enlisting the support of professionals who help agents like you achieve results daily.

If you are keen to find the best people who will help you generate leads and grow your business, Estate Agency Suppliers are on hand to help you get the assistance you need, so contact us today.